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  • Medellin, the rebirth!

    Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, comes out of fear. Although haunted by the time of his Medellin cartel which is him remained stuck to the skin for many years, Medellin has radically transformed itself into an innovative city, a stable city and a dream destination for tourists from all over the world. Medellin or "the city of eternal spring" for its temperate climate, it is the capital of the mountainous department of Antioquia. The eternal spring has become especially a social spring, with this diversity of peoples, blacks, mestizos, whites, Indians who coexist in a deep mutual respect. Tourists arrive in Medellin via the international airport JOSE MARIA CORDOVA. However, to get to other parts of Colombia from Medellin, domestic flights are provided by OLAYA HERRERA Airport in the city center. Tourists can move to Medellin, by a very modern subway network, and in the air by the metro cable from where we have a beautiful view of the whole city of dreams. The nights are '' hot '' in Medellin, where fear seems definitively vanquished. "More than 6.5 million foreign tourists visited Colombia in 2017, the highest figure in the country's tourism history," said Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Maria Lorena Gutierrez . '' Cited by the Blog Medellin has some fifty public and private universities, dozens of shopping centers, and hundreds of hotels of international standards. The visa application to travel to Colombia is done online, so there is no need to move to a consulate. So do not hesitate to book your flight to the city of a thousand colors that reborn from the ashes!

    Moses Levi.