Hello Sir, can you introduce yourself to our readers and project that you have in the context of WYD in Panama?

    Four Argentineans on their way to World Youth Day, Panama 2019. On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, the dream we have in mind since 2013 begins for us: to participate in a World Youth Day with millions of young people from all over the world representing our community, browsing 5 countries by land. World Youth Day has its origins in the idea of ​​Pope Paul VI, who in the Holy Year of 1975 brought to Rome several thousand young people from many countries, after his participation in the "First International Market". of Christian reconciliation ". "who traveled the road from San Francisco, between Assisi and Rome.In 1984, during the papacy of John Paul II, a new world convocation was organized to encourage the participation of young people in the Church, reaching more than five million of people at the 1995 edition, held in Manila, Philippines. On this occasion, it will be held in Panama, Central America, convened by Pope Francis the day before in Krakow, Poland, in 2016.

  • First section: Buenos Aires - Bogota

    By traveling through different cities by car, sharing companionship and chat, passing through the different countries of South America, more than 8,000 kilometers, including Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, in we will visit friends and communities of different charisms, sharing the work done in our community, sharing experiences and working methods. Our journey begins in Gonzalez Catan, the Matanza party of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, first passing through the basilica of Lujan, where we will be entrusted to the care of our Mother Maria, then we will continue the route 7 until in Mendoza. our first border crossing in Chile. In Santiago, Chile, we will receive the Siervas of San Jose, who dedicate their apostolate to help young people in street situations and to help them in their rehabilitation. We will then cross the Atacama desert to enter Peru through the south of the country. Second Section: Bogota - Panama From Colombia, it is impossible to cross Panama by land because the Darien prevents passage overland. We will do it by a direct flight from Cartagena de Indias to Panama City leaving the car in Colombia, in the house of our friend Sonia, journalist of Gaudium Press and Mauros personal friend, we will live the world day from Monday 21 to Monday 28 January 2019 and again by the same route to Colombia. COLLABORATE WITH US IN THE FIRST SECTION • To receive us at your home or in your community, if you come from a province or a country in which we will spend, it will be very useful for our rest and our cleanliness. • Cash to cover the cost of food, fuel, vehicle repairs and tolls. • By organizing a meeting with the inhabitants of your city, exchanging cultures and traditions, we are willing to share our experience and give talks on communication, the use of social networks, the creation of content and the various messages of the Pope Francis. • Pray for us and everyone who made this dream possible.


    Gustavo, Argentinian, 20 years old, member of the youth group of Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Caacupé and San José Grabriel del Rosario Brochero, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Mauro, Argentine, 28 years old, former coordinator and member of the youth group of Notre-Dame parish of Caacupé and San José Grabriel del Rosario Brochero, head of the communication area of ​​the diocese of Laferrere, plays the role of public relations in our group. , lives in the Barrio La Loma de González Catán, Buenos Aires, Argentina. since 2013, manages our account instagram @lospanasdelavirgen lives in the district of Dorrego in González Catán, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Elías, Argentine, 21 years old, member of the youth group of Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Caacupé and San José

    Grabriel del Rosario Brochero, fulfilling the role of treasurer of our pana group, resides in the district of Costa Esperanza in González Catán