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  • Yamoussoukro, the sleeping beauty at the foot of the Basilica

    As promised, we continue visit Yamoussoukro, the sleeping beauty at the foot of the Basilica. Asleep because Yamoussoukro is a calm city and contrasts enormously with the big African and / or European capitals often victims of a high rate of crime and the incessant noise related to an intense car traffic. Is it because here in Yamoussoukro, from all corners of the city, one can contemplate the basilica that there is this atmosphere of peace and spirituality? By the way, I promised to make the history of this prestigious building that gives all its splendor and solemnity to the city. It should be noted that it was on August 10, 1985 that Pope John Paul II blessed the first stone that was actually laid February 2, 1986. A little more than 03 years later, in record time, the leader architectural work was completed in September 1989 and the cult officially opened on January 1, 1991. We invite all our readers to schedule a stay in Yamoussoukro to discover this marvel that is the pride of Ivorians and also all African peoples. What about the historic crocodile lake that I promised you too? This site is part of the works built by the late President Houphouet-Boigny, father of the Ivorian nation. About 200 caimans from the Nile populate this lake that surrounds the presidential residence of Yamoussoukro. The mealtime of these ferocious beasts is a real attraction, tourists from around the world come here to admire these impressive species of nature. In our next editions we will continue the presentation of the buildings built by the founding father of the Ivorian nation including the engineering school and the Foundation that bears his name. See you soon.